A worldwide network of multi-service stations to meet the daily needs of our customers

At Total, we are expanding our global network of service stations in order to be closer to our four million daily customers. Becoming veritable ’one-stop-shops’, our 16,000 stations offer quality products and services tailored to customer needs. Furthermore, in keeping with our goal of becoming the responsible energy major, we’ve decided to transform our stations to improve their energy efficiency and make them more environmentally friendly.

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    General view of the Aurach service station in Germany

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    The Pasar Minggu service station, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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    14th Avenue service station in South Africa. The Total network consists of close to 4,300 service stations in 36 African countries.

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    Our stations offer much more than just fuel. Bonjour store in a Total service station on the island of Mauritius.

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    The Rivesaltes service station in France is equipped with solar panels for improved energy efficiency.

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A community network throughout the world

We strive to get closer to our customers by adapting to the diversity of their individual needs. 

Our network consists of 16,000 service stations in 66 countries, situated in city centres, suburban areas and along major roads and highways. This includes the European AS24 network devoted to heavy goods vehicles, with its 770 stations located throughout 28 countries. We can thus supply and support private individuals and road transport professionals alike in their travels. 

We are also present in Africa, where we have been involved in distribution for over 80 years. We are the leading distributor of petroleum products with 4,300 stations located throughout 36 countries, and we continue to expand our network on this continent to support transport.

Full service for all

To meet the needs of four million daily customers, Total is diversifying the line of products and services offered at its stations, which are becoming true ’one-stop-shops’. We've opened our network to partners providing food service, rapid car maintenance, car washes and even community businesses. Stopping at a station provides an opportunity to do much more than just stretch your legs. 

In addition, our teams are committed to offering innovative, quality services tailored to the needs of our customers. In Africa, for example, where more than 70% of the population is equipped with a mobile phone, Total offers m-payment and money transfer solutions in partnership with providers such as Orange and Airtel. This service already exists in 20 African countries and will soon be extended to 10 others.

We also distribute a complete line of solar lamps and kits in regions where access to electricity is unreliable. 

To go even further, we've developed the Total smartphone app. Available in seven languages, it suggests routes and indicates the location of our stations and the services they provide.

Service stations for responsible energy

At our stations, we make eco-efficient products available to our customers for more responsible transport. Offering responsible energy also means reducing our own stations’ energy consumption. Our station in Onigbagbo, Nigeria is equipped with solar panels, making it the first self-powered station in West Africa. In Berlin-Schönefeld, Germany, our station is completely autonomous and powered by a combination of fully renewable energies (solar, wind and hydrogen). 

Our goal within the next five years is to equip 5,000 Total stations with solar panels. This project is equivalent to installing approximately 200 megawatts of power and represents an investment of close to $300 million.  This will enable us to reduce our CO2 emissions by 100,000 metric tonnes per year.

In addition, our Total Wash centres also demonstrate our commitment to eco-responsibility as 150 of these facilities recycle around 75% of the water they use.

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