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Aditi, young and dynamic executive from workshop sales in lubricants business

Aditi joined Total Oil India in May 2014. She is currently handling workshop sales for the lubricants business in Pune. The sales area managed by her comprises of seven districts. She is responsible for lubricants sales through channels like Automobile Company workshops and transporters, She also manages trade account receivables.

Understanding customer requirements and fulfilling them

Aditi is a petroleum engineer from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun in India. She manages sales of lubricants to a wide network of customers spread across seven districts which is a challenge considering the size and complexities of the territory. Her job includes lots of travelling and meeting customers. Aditi’s job is about understanding various needs and demands of customers in terms of products, pricing and to ensure that customer expectations are met on time in a satisfactory manner. Aditi’s key role is to convince customers to choose Total lubricants and explain to them details about the Company’s products and advantages of choosing Total products.

A self motivated individual

Aditi is a highly motivated and energetic individual. Aditi’s first job is with Total India and she has had immense learning from it. She tries to implement all her learning in her functions with the objective of making continuous improvement in her work. Aditi believes in self learning and is looking forward to a long term career with Total and contributes positively to the growth of the company in India.

Family and interests

Aditi is blessed with a very supporting family comprising of parents and a brother. She likes her job because it has given her an opportunity to travel and explore new places and cultures, which has always been her hobby. She loves playing and watching various sports, especially tennis, cue sports, football etc. Aditi believes in the saying “What one sows is what one reaps”. Destiny is all in one’s hands. She believes in living life to the fullest.

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“I love the work culture at Total. I am always given the freedom to share my views and opinions and speak my mind. The organization offers opportunities to develop the potential in a multitude of areas.”