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Kannan, Manager of the Logistics and Supply Chain at LPG

Kannan has been with the LPG Division of Total Oil India since its inception. Over the years, he has admirably managed the crucial Logistics and Supply Chain function, the backbone of the LPG business.

Our Master of All That Is LPG

Kannan handles the turnkey LPG functions across supply chain/logistics, LPG imports and supply to bottling plants, AutoLPG dispensing stations and customers, including bulk and packed cylinders. He is also the Transport Safety Manager and is in charge of transport-related activities, such as the Driver Incentive Program, and ensuring that the HSEQ objectives are met. KPI study and incident analysis, and cylinder inventory management and  maintenance activities form the crux of his day-to-day activities.
His wide portfolio also includes responsibility for the business process management of Template Light Harmony (SAP) among the business affiliates to ensure that all the business needs are met.

The Custodian of Movement

"Ever since I joined Total in India (LPG Division), every day has been a new challenge, with a sense of accomplishment when I finish. I will never forget my first day at Total when I was responsible for ensuring LPG supplies to one of our major customers, whose critical process could not be stopped, and the support extended by my superiors and their guidance in resolving the crisis. When I discussed the incident with my family, their immediate reaction was “you are in the right company”. No wonder I am still going strong even after 15 years at Total," said Kannan.


"Every day has been a new challenge with a sense of accomplishment when I finish"




Graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies at Moscow State University with a major in International relations.


Further studies

Continued his studies in France at Ecole des Hautes Etudes Internationales, specializing in marketing and finance.


Work experience

Over six years of experience in DIY Retail sales, marketing and operations.