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Jayalakshmi, an efficient administrator for Lubricants business in South Zone

Jayalakshmi’s association with TOTAL spans over a decade. She is responsible for various marketing activities and holds the crucial portfolio of coordinator of the lubricants business in South India. With few early experiences, she is successfully managing the Zonal Activities of Southern India – which contributes around 30% of the country’s sales volume, coordinating with more than 40 officers and nine depots.

Ensuring smooth coordination and efficient administration

Jayalakshmi provides support and coordination for the efforts of the sales force with active interactions with the distribution network, logistics and operations departments. Her unstinting efforts and constant follow-ups have ensured that the region has performed exceedingly well in all fronts. Jayalakshmi handles administration for her office. She effectively monitors the marketing budget for her zone. Jayalakshmi is responsible for collating MIS reports and co-ordination with depots for supply and billing. She also handles responsibility of customer accounts reconciliation.

Contribution in the growth of the lubricants business

Managing a portfolio and inventory of more than 250 pack sizes and the demands of distribution network has been her forte. Jayalakshmi is known for her diligence and proactive approach to the work. She has received various accolades and won appreciations from the management for her impressive performance.  

Family and interests

Jayalakshmi is a commerce graduate and hails from the temple town of Kumbakonam in South India. She has two children and her husband works for a leading private sector company as a Sales Manager. She is fond of reading and listening to music in her leisure time.


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“I enjoy my time at the office where people look forward to my support with no consideration of their level which almost makes me feel free and gives me the motivation to support my TOTAL Family.”