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Sujatha, a home maker, a doting mother and also a successful sales head for automotive LPG.

Sujatha Has been associated with Total for the past 12 years. She has handled many responsibilities and is currently responsible for sales, operations & network development of the automotive LPG business.

Sujatha. A leading figure in Total’s LPG business.

Career spanning over a period of 12 years.

Sujatha has been a part of Total’s LPG business for 13 years since its inception in 2002. Sujatha has worked across all the segments of the LPG business and successfully managed various sales and business development functions such as Institution selling, bulk LPG selling, packed cylinder segment and Automotive Lubes Dispensing Stations (ALDS).

Valuable contribution in the success of the LPG business

Sujatha played an important role in launching ‘Quantaz’, a new business segment, which is one of the key products for Total’s LPG business. She has been instrumental in opening ALDS business in new markets which include crucial functions like identifying potential sites, negotiating with the land owners and dealers, coordination with the legal departments, obtaining approvals from local government bodies etc.

Rewards and recognition

Sujatha has bagged best project implementer and service provider awards from reputed companies like Caterpillar, Exide etc. She has also been awarded Best Contribution Award and Best Team award from Total.

Family, a strong support

Sujatha is blessed with a happy family with two children. Her husband owns a business and is very supportive of her career growth. Sujatha has a post graduate in Marketing Management and Bachelor in Science.

Default description.

“I enjoy the working culture at TOTAL and admire the foresight and vision of the company. Total has the ability to cope with uncertainties, innovate and overcome difficulties. I am lucky to have an excellent team and superiors who help me to achieve my goals.”