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Total partners with United Way of Mumbai to undertake Emergency Response Measures to address the COVID-19 pandemic in India as part of its CSR activities for FY2020.

Supply of PPE kits to

two public hospitals,

in Mumbai and Bangalore


Distribution of Ration

kits to marginalized

families for one month


Distribution of hand

sanitizers to frontline



Benefits of the Project.

  • Healthcare workers in two hospitals in Mumbai and Bangalore will have the required PPEs as a preventative measure to be able to avoid getting infected or transfer of infection.
  • Over 400 marginalized families will have the required ration and essentials for a month which will act as a safety net for people from low-income groups, especially for daily wage earners, self-employed persons and small business owners.
  • Manufacture and Distribution of hand sanitizers will help address the shortage and procurement related challenges currently faced by the country. Further, hand sanitizers will significantly curb the spread of the COVID-19 infection especially in situations where washing hands is not possible.

Key Highlights

  • The Interventions aim to tackle varied aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic; i.e. both prevention through distribution of PPEs and hand sanitizers; as well as provision of safety nets to marginalized families most affected by the pandemic through provision of required ration and essentials over a one month period.  
  • TOIPL is using the research capability of their Technical Centre for Asia Pacific (TCAP) to formulate hand sanitizers, as recommended for COVID-19 by WHO, with the aim to reduce the spread of the disease