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Our Commitment

Committed to better energy, over 100,000 employees help throughout the world to provide the Group’s customers with products and services that are safer, more affordable, cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and accessible to the greatest number of people.

Total puts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of its activities and conducts its operations according to the following principles of:

  • protecting the safety and security of people and its facilities;
  • limiting its environmental footprint;
  • ensuring that its Code of Conduct is applied in its sphere of operations;
  • incorporating the challenges of sustainable development in the exercise of its activities;
  • increasing its local operations by placing dialogue with its stakeholders at the heart of its policy and contributing to the economic and social development of the regions where the Group has operations with the objective of creating shared value;
  • promoting equal opportunities and fostering diversity and cultural mix among its personnel.

All about Biofuels | Sustainable Energy

Biofuels are produced from renewable biobased materials, primarily plants. Biofuels help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector. Worldwide biofuels represents 4.3% of total road fuel consumption. Today’s energy landscape is shaped by many major challenges, including the growing importance of climate change and carbon footprint reduction, tighter regulations to support the energy transition and deep-seated changes in the world’s energy supply. Tackling these challenges is fully consistent with Total’s strategy and our ambition to become the responsible energy major.

All about LNG | Sustainable Energy

Faced with climate issues and the evolution of technologies and uses, the road transportation sector is in a transformation phase; the energy transition starts with actions and measures that are aimed at reducing pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases. LNG is an acronym for Liquefied Natural Gas and it is a natural gas that is cooled between -120°C and -162°C. Once it is in liquid form, it takes up less space and can be easily transported. LNG has NGV has a host of benefits which include reduced emissions, lower cost compared to conventional fuels & improved engine fuel efficiency.

All about CNG | Sustainable Energy

CNG is an acronym for Compressed Natural Gas, which is natural gas stored at high pressure (between 200 and 250 bars). In the face of climate issues and the evolution of technologies and uses, ground transportation is in a transformation phase, including measures to reduce pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases. CNG is a better energy option for both light and heavy vehicles as it is quieter, produces lesser CO2 emissions and is cost effective.
Electromobility Sustainable kit

All about Electromobility | Sustainable Energy

Electromobility or electric mobility refers to the use of electric energy in transportation sector. It refers to an entire ecosystem that encompasses electric vehicles as well as their charging infrastructures and associated services. There are many advantages of having an electric vehicle firstly being cost effective, secondly that it is very quiet, and finally that it is environmentally friendly since they are exhaust-free and they do not emit any greenhouse gas or any pollutants at tailpipe.
fuel cell ev

All about Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles | Sustainable Energy

A Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle is primarily an electric vehicle. But the electricity powering the engine is not supplied via a battery like other electric vehicles. It is produced via a fuel cell, working with the hydrogen contained in the tank. A Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle is full of resources: as an electric vehicle, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle also deliver the rapid refueling and extended range usually associated with an internal combustion engine.
Green Electricity

India: Great ambitions for green electricity

India aims to generate 50% of electricity from using non-fossil fuel by 2027. India’s renewable energy ministry is not only confident of meeting the target but exceeding it by 2027.
Solar energy products in rural parts of India

Selling solar energy products in rural parts of India

Total’s Mission is to expand Sustainable energy across rural parts of India with the help of their solar Sakhi as they can connect with the customers.

Our Partners

Adani Group headquartered in Ahmedabad, India is one of India’s largest integrated infrastructure conglomerates. The group is focused on protecting the environment and improving lives in communities through its CSR program.

Extended Partnership

As part of our strategy to develop new gas markets, Total expands its partnership with the Adani Group to contribute to the development of the Indian natural gas market.


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is an organization specializing in IT services, consultancy and business solutions that has been a part of many large businesses across the world in their transformations over the last 50 years.

The Digital Innovation Center

Total and TCS have signed an agreement to form a Digital Innovation Center . This will be based in Pune and will explore game changing technologies and solutions.

HPCL is a an Indian Public Sector Undertaking and a Forbes 2000 company.

Formation of South Asia LPG

Total’s Joint Venture with Hindustan Petroleum, has to its credit to be India’s first underground Cavern LPG storage facility at Visakhapatnam, operational since 2008. The cavern has storage capacity of 60,000 tons.

Our Projects